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What is SSL certificate

Is SSL certificate important for my website? First of all, you might be wondering that what does SSL stand for? Well the abbreviation for SSL is Secure Sockets Layer. A SSL certificate simply put is a digital certificate to authenticate your website. It provides an encrypted connection to create a secure link between your website […]

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Is website maintenance important?

What is website maintenance? Website maintenance is basically keeping your website up to date. It involves regular check-ups on the website to ensure it is updated, no issues or mistakes found and keeping it relevant. Websites get all sorts of traffic, some of them might be your expected visitors and some might be there to

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How much does a website cost?

This is a common question that every business owner asks and a very good question. You would ask your self this question either if you are starting a new business or have been running your business for a while and need to refresh your website. Let’s look into how much does a website cost in

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Websites for small businesses in NZ

Small businesses in New Zealand can grow their business with a website that caters to their business goals. Website for small businesses in dominating industries such as retail, trade, business services, construction, property and agriculture can prove to be very effective and especially now more than ever. A good sound website can help you reach

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4 Best website design platforms

Choosing the right website design platform is the key starting point when building a new website for your business. There are varieties of platforms out there but what platform is the best for your business? Below are some platforms listed to help you out and guide you towards the right platform for your business.  

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