How much does SEO cost in Auckland, New Zealand?

SEO is a long-term investment and it takes time to set up your website correctly for you to benefit from the results.

The cost can vary from company to company depending on the services they offer and how they charge their clients. Cheap digital agency can harm your website and loose its credibility or even worse you could lose your website all together if the correct procedures and rules are not followed.


What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation in basic words is optimising your website for search engines to display information/answers for any user query. The better your website is optimised the higher your website will rank in search engines and the idea is to get your website on the first page of google to reap the benefits.


2 main strategies


1 – On page SEO

On page SEO is the optimisation of your website so it is visible to your audience and search engine crawl robots when a user inputs a query on the search engine. This on page optimisation involves several techniques that can be implemented.

A digital firm that is well experienced and has skilled experts will be able to relate to the below techniques used in on page optimisation.

Meta title – This is also known as the title tag/page title and it describes the main topic of the website page you are trying to rank to the audience. The title is very important as it is the first impression the audience will have of your website page before reading the meta description or simply clicking through to your website.

So, when writing up a meta title it is very important to include the relevant keyword that you are wanting your page to rank for.

Meta Description – This is displayed right below the Meta title to further clarify the topic of your page and its relevancy to the user. Do not forget to also include the focus keyword in the description to help rank your page better.

URL structure – It is important to structure the URL on your pages accordingly and if possible, to include the relevant keyword that page is being focused on.

Keywords in the titles – Your headings and subheadings should include the relevant keywords you are trying to rank for on that page.

Content – The content on the page should be professionally written and presented with focus keywords inserted to help rank the page higher. Content should be of high value and should grab the customers attention and be able to answer user queries.


2 – Off page SEO

Off page SEO is basically getting your websites domain authority to increase from the help of other websites linking to your website. You get higher domain authority if more and more people are talking about your website and linking you in their content.

In order to gain links, you can also be a part of it and be involved in blog posting, which helps you link your website on other websites and helping increase your domain authority.

In saying that it is also very important to interlink your website pages or write blogs and insert relevant keywords in the content that can link to another page on your website.

3 main types of off page SEO links

Natural flow links – These links are created by other users as part of there content writing and how they link back to your website for more information.

Outreach links – These are acquired when you outreach other websites or influencers to get them to mention your website in their content.

Own implemented links – You create your own links in different ways on other websites such as listing your website on an online directory, blog posting, forums etc. But be careful with these as you do not want to create links on websites that can harm your websites authority.


Why do you need to invest in SEO?

The higher you rank in google search results the higher the audience is likely to click through to your website and potentially turn into a customer/client. Being on the top of the first page of google search result means you have about 91% of chance of someone clicking through to your site and the percentage drops as your ranking drops down.


The cost of SEO in Auckland, New Zealand.

Let’s look at the rough estimate of costs below as you know every website/business is different that is why a proper meeting is required with the client in order to work out the proper cost.

Overall, the cost of SEO can vary from as little as $450 per month to $6,000 per month all depending on the size of your business, type of business, number of keywords you want to rank for and especially the clients budget.

A general typical rough estimate below dependent on the keywords and for only 1 website with less than 5 web pages is listed.

5 Keywords – $450/Month

10 Keywords – $650/Month

20 Keywords – $950/Month


This is just an estimate and if you want to find out how much it will actually cost you is to set up a meeting with your local SEO company and get a proper quote relevant to your website and your business goals and requirements.

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