E-commerce website for your online store

If you are running a small or large business and looking to excel online with increased sales, promote your products or services then you have come to the right place. Shopify is very easy and helpful for beginners with help available 24/7.

Shopify comes with advanced functionality that provides you with a plugin/application style platform which enables you to download as well as customize the site. It has a very user-friendly interface. For small businesses this is a great platform that helps you enhance your sales, offers inventory management, and business reporting.

Let us teach you how you can simply get online with Shopify to reap the benefits of the best e-commerce website platform in 2024. Shopify has been around for a while now and is a trusted online e-commerce platform by over 1 million small business owners from over 175 different countries.


1 – All-in-one platform

Shopify provides you with every solution possible and help is available 24/7 if you do get stuck. Otherwise, there is a lot of questions already answered online by Shopify experts. Forget about 3rd party website hosting as Shopify provides that plus shopping cart functionalities and sales channel integrations at no additional costs.


2 – Ease of use

A platform that is simple to use and hence why is very Widley famous across the globe. You can quickly get online with Shopify and set up a store yourself. You will be selling online to your customers quicker than thought.


3 – Customisation just got easier

With so many templates to choose from you have the option of customising it to the way you want your website to look. Choose the best template that fits withing your requirements and if it’s a free one than you have just got a bargain. But nevertheless, you can buy a template for a one of payment that best suits you.

Shopify has over 5,000 plus third-party apps that you can integrate to your website and have endless opportunities to grow in the future. The more your business grows the more apps you have in store to help you with the growth.


4 – Expand your store with Social Media integration

If selling your services or products on Shopify itself wasn’t enough you have the ability to integrate your social media channels such as Instagram/Facebook to showcase and sell your products. It just gets better and better with Shopify.


5 – Email marketing

Shopify can provide you with insights on your visitors to the website from their movements/actions and abandoned cart activity. Email marketing can be set up to help re target those visitors to get back on your website where they left off.


6 – SEO friendly website

When you set up your store online with Shopify you have templates that are targeted towards SEO marketing, and this can help rank your website organically on search engines such as Google. There are plugins available to help with your on-page and of-page SEO optimisation.


Hire Shopify experts

If you are too busy and do not have the time to set up your own store online, then get help from Shopify web design Auckland experts. This can be great advantage as the digital agency will have experience and can help build your website very quickly. So, you will only need to focus on listing your products online and generating sales.


Get your business online now and start growing from day one. Shopify has just made it easier for you to sell your services/products online. So, take advantage of the modern-day technology by working smart not hard.

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