5 Tips on choosing the right SEO marketing agency

So you are ready to boost your business online and get more visitors to your website, but confused about how to choose the right SEO marketing agency that will help you land on the first page of google.


5 tips to help you select the right company


1- Is there a process in place?

Do they have a defined process in place in order to execute the results that will help your website to rank on the first page of google?

Having a well laid out process in place shows that the marketing company is genuine and ensures the process is in place with the best techniques that will deliver the best results.

Things the company’s process should cover are

  • Website overview – Review of the website
  • Content and layout – Website hierarchy
  • Keyword research and analysis – Keyword planner
  • Analysis of the competition in the market
  • Link Building – Follow and no follow links
  • Google search console
  • Google analytics
  • Website page speed
  • Xml sitemap
  • Blog page – Regular blogs published
  • Quality reporting


2 – Does the company have a team of specialists?

SEO requires a lot of input from different individuals in order to get the best outcome with reference to a defined process. The team is divided up and you will have everyone focusing on different key strategies to be implemented on the website.

Website overview specialist – A detailed review of the website covering the design, pages, website hierarchy, layout, content, pictures etc.

SEO technical specialist – A SEO technical specialist that will focus on the back end of the website ensuring the right plugins are in place, xml sitemap is uploaded, google search console setup, google analytics setup, on page/off page optimization, backlinks, etc.

Blog writer – A blog writing specialist in the team will primarily focus on writing creative blogs that cover topics related to your website and business itself. Also, to include specific keywords in the blog to be focused upon.

The company you hire should follow white hat SEO techniques and that way you can be assured that the results are genuine and will create big benefit down the track for your business.


3 – Meet the company

It is best to meet the company face to face before hiring them to get involved in your website and business. You need to be able to trust the company before handing over your business website.

It is good to get the feel of the people and who you will be working with. This way you can run through the process with them and ask questions on the spot, which will be much better than someone explaining the process over the phone or even a video call conference.

Do not trust a company that provides you guarantees that they will get you on the first page of google in no time! Watch out for such hoax companies that offer such guarantees.

SEO experts in Auckland should be telling you that it is a long-term investment and it takes time to get your website to rank on the first page


4 – Check the company’s client portfolio

Having an impressive client portfolio will assure the company has a proven track record of success with different types of clients and websites. Experienced agencies will not hide their success especially if they have done it in the right way such as the white hat SEO format.

As well as checking the portfolio you should also read the companies reviews and what other people have to say about their services.


5 – Making up your mind

The tips given above can help guide you in selecting the right SEO company in Auckland for your business.

So, make up your mind and start today, because SEO may take time, but it is very useful for your business as it will help you get more clients and increase your revenue. A valuable investment not to be missed and the sooner you start the better your results.


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