Is website maintenance important?

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance is basically keeping your website up to date. It involves regular check-ups on the website to ensure it is updated, no issues or mistakes found and keeping it relevant. Websites get all sorts of traffic, some of them might be your expected visitors and some might be there to get hold of your back-end information illegally. So, it is very important to have a well-maintained website with fully security.

No matter the company maybe big or small, keep your website healthy and error-free. Especially new start-ups need to take extra care and avoid shortcuts. For your business to run smoothly you need to regularly monitor the health of your website. It is just like looking after your own health and going for regular check-ups at the doctor. Get in touch with experienced website developers across New Zealand to review your website and have a well reputed web development company look after your website maintenance.

Updating regularly is the key point and there are things that can be done weekly, monthly and yearly. It is kind of like a repeated cycle every year. Things that could be done weekly involve backing up your website so that a previous version of your website is always available, check the website is working as it supposed to and all pages are loading without errors, update the website software and get rid of any spam on your posts/pages.

Monthly items could include posting one or more blogs giving information related to the customers and drive more of the traffic to the website with improvement in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Checking for broken links and fixing them, searching your website using SEO optimized keywords and see visibility. Other things such as website speed, website statistics, content is up to date, design is updated could be done weekly/monthly. Also, important to restore your most recent backup and see if it is healthy.

Renewing your website domain name yearly, ensuring each page and its content is reviewed, blog performance and updates are well studied will help keep your website up to date and in line with googles algorithm. Also consider any big changes on the design that maybe need updating. The more you do the better the results you will accomplish.

Benefits of website maintenance

  • Better business reputation
  • Greater customer experience
  • Excellent SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results
  • Savings on cost
  • Your brand is well protected
  • Website is always up-to-date
  • Better revenue
  • Lets you focus on your core business
  • Secure website


Website maintenance can be done by yourself but be prepared to spend a lot of your time and need to have great patience. It is always recommended that you hire a professional to do it for you while you focus on our core business.

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